I have $200 and am wondering which phone to buy?

March 31, 2011 11:52am CST
I have $200 and am wondering which phone to buy. I dont have any Idea. I thought of buying an iPhone but now I feel its now worth paying for it coz there are better phones and are too very good in the market. Can anyone tell me how to go about selecting a device like a mobile phone??
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• Philippines
31 Mar 11
It would really depend on your budget. Search through the internet and find which phones can you buy with $200 and also look at their reviews. I currently am using an iphone4 which was given to me by my husband. So far, so good. I can do pretty much everything with it. The capture quality of the camera is pretty good. I can surf anywhere, anytime given there is wifi and i can mylot too! Hope you find a quality phone which fits your budget, requirement and personality! :)
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• India
31 Mar 11
But dosent iPhone 4 have an Antenna problem. It was a buzz around the internet. As in is it working all fine. Coz then can go for it. Its the best option. ?
• Philippines
31 Mar 11
My unit is working fine. In fact i am using it right now, :) i have not experienced any antenna problem as of yet.
• United States
4 May 11
Are you going to be on a plan? or go prepaid? It also depends on what all you want the phone to do. I would say look at Verizon's website
@asxenon (1441)
• Malaysia
29 Apr 11
It really depends on the features you want. Some manufacturers do produce phones with many features but there are many problems arising from this too as the phone cannot support all functions well enough. Whereas some phones may have only basic and important functions and is more stable to use. For me, i would suggest you to choose a phone based on the functions u want and try to look into reviews before buying. Even phones from renowned company may have major bug and is quite frustrating when you are using it. Hopefully you'll find a phone that suits u!!
@rosekiss (30258)
• Eugene, Oregon
3 Apr 11
It is like the other user said that it depends on your budget, and I willo say, that it also depends on what kind of features you are wanting on the phone. I have a mytouch 4G, and I really like it, as it has all the features I could ever want, and I can download and install apps on it from the market, and that is a plus for me, that is for sure. It has wifi, blutooth, gps a front and back facing camera for video chat with I don't do all that much, but I do it once in awhile. I can also mylot on it, and that is a plus too, as there aren't many phones where you can do that. I posted a discussion on it the other day, and posted comments back to the responses I received. I am so glad I bought the phone, and I am really enjoying it. Take care, and have a very good day.