Indian Team going to write new History? But past history dont favours India!

@venkit (2957)
March 31, 2011 12:48pm CST
This world cup dont had many unplesent results or some big change from past. All 8 top test playing nations get into the quarter finals. Teams which performed well moved to semifinals. South africa once again showed that they cannot win a knockout match in worldcups(history followed) In semifinals the team which played in rythm won the match. There NewZeland once again showed us that even though they have had many semifinals, they will not reach the finals(history followed) Srilanka won the worldcup in the past when asian countries hosted the worldcup. here also Asian countries is hosting the worldcup. The history says that No home nation have won the worldcup final in their soil(home nation have never won worldcup finals) So history favours Srilanka.... So can India write new history inhistory in golden words??? will dhoni and his bleed blue win the match against srilanka. I personally feels that This Indian team is going to make new history and going to win the worldcup, what do you think??
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@siliguri (4224)
• India
1 Apr 11
Absolutely, India will break the past history and will lift this year ODI WORLD CUP 2011. I'm very much confidence about it what we have to do means to our indian team take the first four wickets of srilanka as quickly as possible then the game is our. Except this first four player no player has the potential to play a good innings against india. Think about it Hope our team will do.. BEST OF LUCK TO OUR INDIAN TEAM
@siliguri (4224)
• India
15 Apr 11
Thanks buddy for the BR
• India
2 Apr 11
That is not a problem, past is past, now what india can do in the future, what india can do in the final, that what matters. Let us hope india will repeat the 1983.
@rajeev075 (1936)
• India
31 Mar 11
Ofcoyrse yaar INDIA will make history and well all will be its witness