April 1, 2011 3:46am CST
What is a fashion? a real sense of fashion is it only related to glam world? is exposing your body a real sense of fashion?there is no point in discussing about our culture etc. Because its left faaaaaarrrrr behind. Its not necessary to expose yourself to look beautiful....
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@megamatt (14327)
• United States
1 Apr 11
Fashion is what it is. And what it is really does vary not only from country to country, not only from culture to culture, but also from person to person. I think that we put a little too much of an emphasis on fashion these days, without really bothering with the more important things in life. Those people who keep up with what is "fashionable" are forever working to keep up, as things that were fashionable in the morning, can be unfashionable after lunch. I've said this before and I have said it again. You got to wear what you are comfortable with and not what people consider to be fashionable. I never bothered with it. A small part of me might have cared slightly when I was a teenager, but the feeling did tend to pass, when I realized how overrated that is. So wear what you feel comfortable in. That's my final word on the subject.
@SHAMRACK (8533)
• India
1 Apr 11
Dear friend, I see fashion as part of changes in human and also art that is brought into the society. There were times when humans used only leaves and animal skins as dress. It was basically to get away from climate and protect body. Later it revised and now there are lots of fashion courses and careers. But at times some dress do have vulgarity when those people take it vulgar sense. But I feel there are some social rules that is to be obeyed for social betterment. Fashion is at times change that has bad and better side. Lets take the better.