Radiation in Milk

United States
April 1, 2011 8:59am CST
On the west coast theres been reports of radiation found in milk. The radiation has blown from Japan to the west coast, then sets on the grass where cows consume and now is getting to the milk. Should we cut back on drinking milk? Also if radiation is getting into cows should we cut back on eating beef?
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@veganbliss (3901)
• Adelaide, Australia
2 Apr 11
Welcome to My Lot! These are very sensible suggestions of yours, & being vegan, I would be in full support of such a transition. You can substitute milk with long life soy milk, almond milk, quinoa milk, oat milk, etc, etc - some of which taste fairly similar nowadays & are much healthier for you in every way. There are plenty of beef substitutes in the refrigerated section of your supermarkets too. Asian grocery stores have some very similar in taste & texture products as well. It would be better for you if you switched to a full vegan diet as soon as possible, which would also help you handle the effects of any radiation much better too, but I understand this may be difficult for some. Do your research on this. Even small amounts of radiation blown onto animals feed will be stored by the animal in its meat & milk which accumulates to very large quantities over time or over the life of the animal.