Cracked Code - FBI Cypher or Cipher Sheet

United States
April 1, 2011 12:43pm CST
It seems a little weird to me that after 12 years the FBI releases two sheets of paper found in the pocket of a man who was murdered back in 1999 which contain instructions for cooking meth. Now after about 6-7 hours analyzing the note one thing I noticed was A L Pnte Glse on page two. To me this seemed like it said A large pint glass. Now I have never been involved in the manufacture of the drug nor the ingestion of such but I start doing some research. Was a large pint glass used or needed in the manufacture of the drug? Check! It is. I then went to various sites & learned some information about the manufacture of it. The rest of the notes started to come together & open up after that. 194 (w) ko's indicated 194 was the weight that each batch would make (in grams) hence the (w). Ko's stood for kilos which just set a reminder to him what he was working toward. Since there was limited background information on the man who passed away I wanted to know more information about him so I searched. Found nothing really, so I went back to the sheet & some other things started to stick out. The numbers 71, 74, 75. What were they for? As I read how people make the drug I found out that room temperature is key. What do all three of those numbers have in common? They are all room temperatures. The man used a combo of just short had to write the directions. He used reminders all over in short hand so it looks scrambled all together as it is. This also explains why cipher computers wouldn't recognize it. The way he shortened it enabled him & him primary only to read it & he knew where the breaks where because he knew the sheet well. If he were busted for something a typical police department wouldn't be able to decipher it so he was really just covering his back. A little more of a look into it. Flrse pase on de 71 - This is First phase. Not sure what DE was or is but DE is something that is involved, the word starts with a d ends with an e. I thought this stood for degree which it very may well have. Cdnse pase on se 74 is Condense Phase on stove 74. The last one starts out PQ or PR, PR is phosphorus red or Red Phoshorus. I summized this due to 651 mtcse which is found on the second page which stands for 651 matches which was the amount of match heads he needs in order to have the right amount of phosphorous for his mixture & the PE stands for pseudoephdrine. 175 you can see on the second page. Through my research 200 degrees is the burning or scorching point of the drug so 175 would be the temperature which would work fast enough but so much so it would scorch or burn what he was doing. NCBE - A first I thought of all kinds of things about this. It is everywhere on the first page. Usually at the end of each line. I was all over the place trying to think of what this was. I was on educational sites which used the letters as acronyms but then I had to come back to reality. This was a man who didn't have an extended education. A man who had multiple addresses all around the same town. A man whose family considered him street smart. I had to think how he was using his own version of short hand to condense things in his notes & how he either used the first letter & last letter of a word or the beginning letter of each word relating to an item & sometimes there was a combo of first letters & one or more subsequent letters combined in the same word, then it hit me. NCBE - Non Chlorine Bleach. Reading through detoxification of materials surrounding the drug he was trying to manufacture it states specifically to never use regular bleach. I see the reason he used NCBE so much was because he reminded himself over & over & over to clean up using Non Chlorine Bleach. After looking at the EPA's website, the use of regular bleach in an environment where the red prosperous method was utilized (this very case) would create a toxic gas when combined with the iodine residue that resulted from the manufacturing of the drug. So we can see he had good reason to remind himself over & over & over to not use any other kind of bleach. This is where I drew the line from converting more of the message. All it is was directional instructions on how to produce methamphetamine & I failed to see the point of converting it all. I do find it ironic that the FBI put this out for the world to see but more than likely & as it is widely known to happen to those involved with meth & I am sure to those who knew the man he was probably killed over drugs.
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