Has anyone used this program?

April 1, 2011 3:50pm CST
It's called Speedfan 4.43. I just downloaded the program to monitor the amount of heat in my laptop. The heat produced by my laptop varies, goes from 40C to 48C. What I'm not sure of, is what HD0 is, it says 51C constantly. Would that be the temperature of my hard drive? I currently don't have a cooling pad on this laptop, it's being used on the old one, but this one seems to heat up more than the old one does. Does anyone know about this program and can give me any advice about it? The laptop I have is 7 years old, but I just got it 2 weeks ago.
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• Romania
1 Apr 11
I used that program to monitories the system. I uninstalled it because my little cousin played on my PC and found the program. I was afraid of him not switching the settings which could fry my system. My PC is from 2003 its quite old but I do what i need with it and I am pleased with it.
• Canada
1 Apr 11
From what I've read, newer laptops don't heat up as much as these old ones do, but what can we do? I'm the only one who uses this one, but I need to find something to use to keep the temperature down so I can use it as long, or longer than the old one I had.
@azskull (90)
• Philippines
9 Apr 11
Speed fan 4.43 and up is just like monitoring your pc or laptop on the amount of heat it produced but if you think that your pc is running good even without speed fan then just uninstall it because if other people who would use your laptop they might press something in that application your laptop might really fry heated...
@genius277 (535)
• Indonesia
1 Apr 11
I have those kind of software too but mine is speecy, its showing complete statistic on your computer. About the 51C HD temperature, i think its too hot, mine is only 39C. Good HD temperature should be less than 50C.