Tow company and City of Burnaby Dam!!!!!!!

@cadguy08 (1224)
April 1, 2011 9:49pm CST
I just park in the street here in Burnaby , after my work I was looking for my car it's gone so I have to go back to my office and was told if might be tow so , My boss called the police and was told it was towed that's really sucked living here. Too much grabbing money out of your pocket by the tow company and also City of Burnaby. I just paid $109 for towing and 64 dollars for City of Burnaby. It's really fissed me off with this kind of procedure the city rules. I've been given so many penalty or ticketed even in front of my house last time I did park reverse on the street . Last 2010 I jsut park in front of the Mall and was ticketed also. I have no luck doing parking here. Almost all parking area were been place with violation rules I was thinking not to drive anymore . Govt really a money grabber!
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