The Relegation Battle In The English Premier League

April 2, 2011 1:49pm CST
The vital question at the currnet time of the year with many convinced Wigan and West Brom would go down yet they both managed to get vital results against teams from the top five or six in the league. Will this spur them on and help them secure the place in the the league or do you think they will slip away and ultimately fail ? Wigan I think will be the surprise team which in the end will stay up as they generally play well and some of the matches they've been unlucky to get a decent result in. They've got a vital one today so just maybe, they'll have luck on their side now. West Brom have put themselves position now with a four point gap between them and a relegation slot. They also have a few teams below them yet to play so they could just find themselves staying in 12th position if results go in their favour of of course. In a relegation battle it's better to have the points on the board so any who have yet to play will be looking above them and just might fail to perform as a result thus losing more ground . West Ham our a team I think have too much ability to go down but I do think as they lost to Manchester United despite holding a two goal lead that they may yet suffer a dreaded fate. Remember Newcastle went down only two years ago with a team which had players that should have been challenging for a tenth place finish. As a result West Hams character has to be called into question as ability alone will not bring success .
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