Find the purpose in Life

@shaace (105)
April 3, 2011 9:39am CST
Hi All, I need your advice. I have a friend who is having a mid-life crisis. After I talk to him for few hours, I find out that he is having a trouble in finding the purpose of his life. I am not someone who is very good in console someone. need your input or help what I can do or say to make my friend feel better. How to find something that you are looking forward to in life? Is that one of the way to find a purpose in life? what about doing something like traveling? Thank you.
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• United States
3 Apr 11
Just be there for him when he needs to cry or talk. Lend him your shoulder and your ears is all I can say. I have been where your friend is at and that is all I wanted near me..
@shaace (105)
• Singapore
3 Apr 11
Thanks giftsa, that what I have done. be there for him when he need someone to share feeling or talk to. I am very worried about him. I hope he wont take a short-exit when I am not around.
@Metatronik (5923)
• Pasay, Philippines
3 Apr 11
Honestly I was not also a person who console my friend by the time he was suffering from depression to the extent that he wants to die already. I mean I wasn't able to help or give him advise at all because I know it for a fact that I am not a credible person to give advises that is like an easy to deal with because I myself is suffering from depression too. But then now I am happy for a fact that he already found his purpose in life and he is inspired on his profession now. I was just with him to listen and whenever he needs my help in other things I am willing to do so. Try to be a good listener and be there with your friend.