Myths people believe in

April 3, 2011 12:01pm CST
There is one office mate who dominates the entire shift with all her non-sense talks and BS, and she does this every day. The worst and most painful part is, no one seems to see it the same way as I do. Without somebody like her, the workplace would be dull and silent. Even when she pauses, her thought patterns speaks to me, and I only wish that she go to a psychiatrist and admit that she indeed has a deep problem. Everyday I come from work it has been a strange habit that I make sure that my MP3 player is fully charged for the next day shift. So that I can at least focus on what I was doing. I cannot listen to this person and expect me to work on something. Problem arises when the team lead need to announce something and I miss all communications and be thought of as someone in my own world. Having fun is not bad. Why not these people think that silence is good when you have nothing substantial to say? And many many other myths of how things function, why things happen, what is, who is, why is. I do not know how to keep your sanity being around these people. Imagine this kind of surrounding is the whole world--you are are child and the big world is like this. Your teacher, your relatives, your friends believe this wh0re. What would you do.
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