Do You Take Full Responsibility of Your Action?

April 3, 2011 12:30pm CST
I really want people to be responsible in a way, why? because when they do not everything just falls apart, and nobody would even noticed it, the same as having to connect your own reason with others. What do you think?
2 responses
• United States
4 Apr 11
Absolutely it is our duty and responsibility to be held accountable for our actions. Not taking responsibility means not really giving oneself a chance to rectify. Not rectify then what really is left??
• Philippines
4 Apr 11
Indeed there are certain aspect of taking what is a duty and responsibility it is were we bind our innermost definition as human beings as a great thinker. Giving oneself is an adualtion for what is right.
• Philippines
3 Apr 11
I do. I'm accountable for the things I do and even with the things I say.:)) I don't usually ask other people's help when I face the consequences of things I do. But if people offer they help and are really persistent of lending me a hand, I would gladly accept it.:D But taking full responsibility takes courage - a lot of courage!:))
• Philippines
5 Apr 11
Courage! it's really needed and the most positive about it is accepting the fact.