Pretty much given up on PTC's

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April 3, 2011 12:53pm CST
I used to spend quite a bit of time online trying to earn money through various sites with a super long list of paid to clicks that I would visit regularly. But as I got busier in life I didn't have as much time for them and now that I am working two jobs and going to college full time when I do go to log in to a lot of my sites I find that the site has either gone down (big surprise lol) or they have suspended me for inactivity. In my opinion it is absolutely ridiculous that any paid to click site ask you to have an activity requirement, like any of us should really be living life strictly so we can click ads for a cent or even fractions of a cent. I've even been suspended from legit sites like neobux and onbux. The more sites I get suspended from though the more I gain happiness because any site owner that expects me to sit around waiting to click their ads, honestly I don't want to be a part of their site. Even the best paid to clicks you are lucky to earn a couple dollars for a few months worth of clicking without any referrals, which referrals are incredibly hard to get. I've now just relied on my remaining quality ptc's that have yet to give me the boot and have started to work solely on my paid to promote sites. PTP sites also have activity requirements but you can actually earn enough money to reach payout each month. There are a lot of ads on these sites but the best feature is the PTP ( paid to promote) option which you earn money for placing ads on other ptp sites by having other members view your sites. Not only do you earn money for each time a member clicks your ad links but you also get a chance of gaining referrals for every member that views your ads. In my opinion ptp sites are way better then PTC but they still have sites go down that are really reliable. Either way I am happy to rid myself of a lot of shady paid to clicks and unreliable ones as well that I could be clicking for four months and still not reach payout. You get to a point where you have to realize that the money isn't worth it, we might as well just keep trying to find real jobs because a lot of online earning sites aren't going to earn us enough to survive off of. In my opinion we should be using online earning though to pad our savings, and my thoughts are that we should all set up separate bank accounts from our regular savings like one with ING direct or something and deposit all of our online earnings directly into an account we won't touch. We should keep those savings and work towards our dreams like a nice house or paying for your child's college tuition or your own tuition. This is how I feel online earning should be used, not to try and replace a real income that you can try and live off of.
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3 Apr 11
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