Rayhak - My venture into events organizing again

April 3, 2011 3:20pm CST
During my younger years, I was always fascinated with concerts and how they work. So I made a lot of observations and found out that organizing these events isn't just about getting a place and a band, a lot of things are involved in making an event a success. Fast forward to 2011, I forged a partnership with my bassist and another guy to form Rayhak - an events organizing production outfit. Our main goal was to provide an avenue for local bands to be able to promote their music. But this is not just an events organizing outfit. We've also taken it upon ourselves to be the marketing arm for these bands. That's how we started. And March 16 was our launch. It wasn't what you'd call smooth and easy. In fact we had a lot of arguments. Our personal relationships were tested by our professional relationship. Our launch was a small success. I hope our next one will have better profits. And I hope to see you guys there. Anyone else have a production outfit who can share tips and tricks?
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