I'm Desperate Please Help Me

United States
April 3, 2011 9:01pm CST
Hello everyone, I'm desperate to make $20 a day online please help me to do so. It does not have to be one site alone to make $20 a day but it could be a combination of sites that pay that I could make at least $20 a day. It doesn't seem too far out of reach or to much to ask for to make that much so I hope I'll be able to accomplish it. Mturk is the best thing I use as of now but even that I can't seem to make $20 a day. Microworkers is good as well but I also can't seem to make that much a day, using that and Mturk if I'm lucky I may be able to make 20 a day but it would be risky to say so. I want a sure thing, if I do the work every day, put in the effort, I could make that much a day.
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4 Apr 11
dear friend As far as I know ,there is no easy way ,even no risk to get 20$ / day .You know something ,there are a lot of site pay you 40-50 days / 2$ (even less), in the end you got nothing (admin disappear). So that's the problem ,If there is a easy & no risk way to get 20$ a day , site will be going out of business quickly . One point does farm work one point harvest . good luck
• United States
4 Apr 11
thank you for responding but I do know of people who make a good amount of money online. It's rare to find, but I've seen plenty of people who have made at least 20 a day. I know it's possible, so I'm just looking for people who are making that or close to that a day that can provide me with websites they use.
4 Apr 11
hello Now I still try to find them ,what I do recently ,I try to invest some site (free way got only penny), but lose nearly 50% : neobux is a good site but too late . (I lose money on it & withdrawal) lotbux --- scam I lose 100$ more onbux I get back my invest with a small profit (still some money pending cashout nearly 20days , maybe to scam who knows ) vcbux invest 105$ ,get back 126$ so far ---this site still paying some other site ,I start to receive my invest , for a newbie ,I think it's not too bad . But for you ,it's still a big risk to invest for any of them . So if a site keeps online & paying over 2-3 years ,it must have a good profit pattern for site . Site long live ,member got profit . thank you hope you find yours (don;t forget to share me :) )