Being Hard headed or Stubborn of a child

@sammy14 (835)
April 5, 2011 3:55am CST
For parents or people out there how do yo assess your child/children... who is more hard headed or stubborn.. is it the boy or the girl.. what makes him/her hard headed.. or stubborn..does it have something to do with genetics... Is there some scientific explanation to this.. I hear some comments that boys are more of that thing than girls.. and I agree with them because I have two boys while I have seen my niece grow and they are more subtle than my boys!
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• Singapore
5 Apr 11
there is no equation that denotes a girl is more stubbon that a boy, its how well you bring up your children that really matters, most of the children would grow up following their parents character, how stubborn your children would relate to how stubbon the parents are. having said that, does not necessarily mean if the parent is good so would be the child and vice versa. if u believe in religion than God have already make the decison, all you have to do is , pray , to be bless in having well nurtured childred. there have been a reseach done to denotes that the second child is always the most stubborn of all children. Its true to my sibblings and is now true with my children , u can assess weather its true to your family.
@sammy14 (835)
• Philippines
6 Apr 11
I beg to disagree. To some degree how you rear your child is one factor but I guess the most factor that that contributes of what a child will be is the environment,people they associate with and the kind of programs on tv they watch. On the other hand my second child is behaved...
@tkonlinevn (5784)
• Vietnam
15 Apr 11
I agree with you. Boys are harder headed than girls. This is very normal. This character will follow them when they'll grow up.
@o0jopak0o (6407)
• Philippines
5 Apr 11
Well I think there are a lot of factors why a child is like that but I think understanding them is the best way to go. I have seem some kids outgrow those attitudes so I think it might be just because of being kids.