how do you know whether he is fallen in love with you or not?

@redkey65 (221)
April 5, 2011 9:04am CST
we both are sigle young people, and first talked with each other through internet by the introduction of one of our friends. we do not know each other before, and today we met,and talked and had supper together. he is very funny, and made me laugh all the time.i like him perphas, but i do not know if he is fallen in love with me,or if he interested in me? i do not know what to do about that? in my opinpin, if he made jokes all the time, he is not so attracted by you at the first sight, or he will care about you, will listen to you kindly and i right? i really want to know the fact! thanks for your advice!!
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• Philippines
8 Apr 11
Hi Redkey-If he communicate you or text you how many times in a day maybe your important to him.And we feel that way if the person have feelings for us i will not say we assuming but we can feel if he have intention to court or pure friendship that's what we could women instinct...goodluck
@m2heart (80)
• Philippines
6 Apr 11
If that guy you are dating really like you then he would always make a move to text or communicate you even if he's busy. You can feel it through his actions. Try to know him better.
5 Apr 11
well, i am really not a love guru but a man is falling for you if he can't leave a day without calling or communicating with you. he might not do that for a day but maybe he thinks that you are not into him or he might be relaxing his feelings. I guess the best way is to ask him. You are not to ask if he loves you but ask him what he feels about you. In that way you will be certain of what he really feels about you.