food poroducts consignment letter and terms.. how and what should it contain?

April 5, 2011 9:56am CST
Hi i'm very new with doing food selling and i have started with making cookies now I am planning to do consignment in one of the convenience store here in my place in the Philippines. The thing is when I inquired about it and asked for requirements they were asking me of a proposal letter for consignment and my terms in consigning with them? they were also asking me about the discount or the percentage that they will earn if i consigned with them. since I am very new with this i don't have any idea on how to do it or what are the things that should be included in my terms. Another thing I don't know what is the usual discount or percentage to give out if I consign. please help me with this I am at lost and I needed every help that i can have. Thanks.
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• Philippines
6 Apr 11
Hello Kenchi, You should have searched for it from the start, knowing that people can fool you and ends up paying a lot more. maybe you should have uploaded the contract in the internet and give us the link. people are completely cluess about this consignment thing because not every one is into food business and mylots when they have spare time. You have to do research before entering into any kind of AGREEMENT to prevent fraud. look for people who have experience selling foods and had the same agreement as you are having now. you didn't even site examples through picture of the store that you are dealing with. But my best Idea here is start selling cookies at home. Better Yet, do marketing research, simpler once or do observation in your neighborhood to see which market that can help you sell cookies more. If you are AT LOST then don't GO WITH THE DEAL, Period.