@buli23 (550)
April 5, 2011 11:09pm CST
We can see at least one television in every one house for their entertainment. I think television was the wonderful invention of modern science. Without television our we can not think our live. With the help of television we can watch movie, we can see different types of program. With the help of television we can watch different types of educational program which help us to much in the field of education. In television we can see the program of different type of animals and kids. We can also watch different type of news channel which are to much essential for our life.
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• Taiwan
6 Apr 11
In my opinion, television is a waste of time. People who watch television stare at a screen for minutes and hours without using their brain. Many people say that television is very closely related to computers but the difference is that you actually use your brain on a computer. Or at least when you're doing something entertaining like a video game.