Tsunami Dreams

South Africa
April 6, 2011 4:19am CST
I`ve been having quite a few Tsunami dreams during the past year...and it`s starting to freak me out a bit. At first I was always scared and anxious, but lately it`s easier to face and endure and I am surviving.. Can anyone tell me what this type of dreams mean? I also know that a lot of people all over the world are having the same experience.. Do you believe in Global Consciousness?
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@SHAMRACK (8525)
• India
6 Apr 11
Dear friend, Me never had any Tsunami dreams, but once I had earth quake dream and fell from my bed to floor. Luckily that was a dream. Hope these kinds of dream never come true. I do believe in global consciousness if it is for the betterment of globe.
• South Africa
21 Apr 11
luckily for you yes!..maybe it`s reality actually manifesting through and in our dreams instead of us manifesting dreams into reality?