To advocate euthanasia is "in" nowadays, will u say d same if it was ur family?

April 6, 2011 9:55am CST
Amidst all the media hoolah and regulatory amendments and judgments, empathising with unfortunate people's age-long sufferings and pondering over the righteousness of euthanasia, I think of one thing. What if it was my family? What if it was my dad on death bed? What if it was the decision for my mother whether to give her the lethal injection she begged for? Would I have let them go? Would have advocated on their behalf? Wouldn't have I done anything to keep them alive? Is it because we are outsiders to those families we can advocate euthanasia? I believe the concept started from some families where the sons and the daughters (even sometimes parents for their children) begged for the end to the sufferings of their loved ones, but are all cases the same?
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