How to earn from blogs

@stormlyt (188)
April 6, 2011 11:29pm CST
Im not a blogger but Im just curious. I find some people that are really into blogging. They have their own website just all about blogs. Some have nice contents and are helpful. Aside from websites who pay people to blog, Do bloggers who have their own website earn from blogging? If so, how? Im interested
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@annapplez (209)
• Australia
7 Apr 11
I personally think trying to earn money from blogging sounds way too hard. I'm not a brilliant writer, or particularly artistic, so unless I had some super awesome hook, I dare say I wouldn't make a cent. I have tried affiliate marketing through my own website, and it fell flat on its face. I'm focusing on steadier online work now where I can be guaranteed an income rather than trying to rely on the moods and interests of other people.
@stormlyt (188)
• Philippines
7 Apr 11
I think I wouldnt be much successful in blogging too. Im really not a brilliant writer. I guess i wont enter blogging for now. If I would, not for money just for fun.