Text messages... friends or foes?

April 7, 2011 3:37pm CST
Text messages... friends or enemys? Nowadays there isn't a single person who doesn't use text messages. I don't know if I am exaggerating, but surely there isn't a single teenager that doesn't use them, or as used them at least once. Now the question here is, are text messages getting too much of an addiction? This is becoming a fact as the time passes. These text messages are becoming more of an necessity than just an alternative way of speaking. I know people that are more comfortable talking while messaging than when talking personally. And this is a very bad thing. Because if you talk too much with text messages you get accustomed to that way and when you confront someone personally you simply don't have a topic or you get too nervous. Either you said everything you had to say by messages and have nothing to talk about or you struggle to talk about something and simply remain quiet. You become an antisocial, a snob or whatever you call it. Because you don't develop social skills in the correct way, wich is personally. You just know how to type in a keyboard or talk with a monitor, and because of that you are not accostumed to talk with a "real face" and than you either don't talk, talk with your head down without looking to the person or simply you just say "Hi" and then you walk away because you had nothing to say. I'm saying this like if it is an obbligation to have a extended conversation with somebody, but it isn't. You can simply have an "Hi.. bye" relation with that person or you just not in the mood for talking. And also because there aren't things happening all the time to really have an topic to talk about. Also people who talk too much are just annoying. I respect people either way. Just don't annoy me too much. Me, personally, I prefer people who aren't too quiet and aren't too loud. But more too the quiet side. 'Cause myself, I ain't a great talker. I only talk more either when I'm in a "talking" day (my mood gets really different, I don't shut up and get quite annoying, i'm surely you had one of these too) or if I'm with a group of friends that I feel comfortable to speak. And also with my family. This "phenomenom" doesn't just occur with text messaging. It happens also with instant messaging programs (messenger), skype (voice communication) and social networks (facebook). But I won't talk about these in this discussion because this isn't about them. But this also brings advantages. You can use messaging to set up meetings in terms of work matters, to meet up with somebody, to talk with someone who is really far away or to simply talk with your friends or girlfriend/boyfriend. There are a lot of options really. And it's a much more practical way to talk. With a simple push of a button, you can arrange something or talk with someone instantly. There is a reason why this is called by some people "instant messaging". Just don't exagerate too much or you become a snob, as I mentioned. With this said, my question to you guys is: Are you a "messaging addicted"? If you are do you think that this is having an impact on your social skills? Post your answers below. My discussions are just an opinion. If you don't agree with them, comment below, that's what commentarys are made for. Your commentarys are all aprecciated as long as they stick to the topic and aren't flaming/spamming. Very much aprecciated.
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@cream97 (29166)
• United States
7 Apr 11
Hi. Valadas. Welcome to myLot! I think that may people are becoming very addictive when it comes to text messaging. I have texted my husband many times, and I don't really like it. It is no fun to me at all. I am more comfortable with calling someone on the telephone. Or, writing to them on the computer. I believe that many people are texting and it can interfere with the way that they communicate with many people.
• Portugal
7 Apr 11
Totally true, people are being social talking face to face. And the main reason it's because the world is constantly evolving, and because of that the human being has invented other ways to communicate with wich other. And those ways involve not being with that certain person face to face, leading to weaker social skills, and therefore we become more antisocial.
• Portugal
7 Apr 11
And hi, thanks for welcoming me. Got distracted with the answer =P
@Filigs (122)
• Portugal
8 Apr 11
We? And does everyone get "afected" by being adicted to text messages? No... I used to be adicted to text messages and that didn't affect me AT ALL in my social skills, neither improved me tho, so I was and I am the same in terms of social before and after using text messages, just changes from person to person, there is people that says "more" on text messages, more in terms of harder things to say, they easly say in messages, and then when we're face to face, they don't even say half of the things they used to say, those people are the ones that get affected by text messages, the ones who don't are the ones that talk the same on text messages as they talk personally, when we say text messages, it can be some text related service that allows you to type messages to other people, like instant messaging on the internet, this I'm typing now, a mail, and much more, people can talk alot and say things that they can't say to someone personally, thats what makes people be diferent personally, I really know a lot of people that happens that, but I do know alot of people who doesn't aswell... So all this to say that people who are addicted to text messaging doesnt mean they are "shy" or they speak less personally than in messages, just depend on the type of text messagers they are... And in my opinion, people should be like they are, and not try to be better on text messages, its just worse to them and to the ones talking to them, I personally have that opinion ... :P ~~ Happy MyLotting ~~
1 Jan 12
Yea, true...extremes are no good - thats why it pays to do things in moderation in general - including developing social skills. Some people are so socialable that they lose their sense of self identity in a crowd; they have given up their own personality in order to blend in with the crowd. Some are at the other end of the spectrum; they are cold, aloof, grumbly when approached and may be hostile when requested to talk. We need to strike our own balance to socialise, yet maintain a sense of self identity as we go along in life.