Does someone have shades over your eyes?

United States
April 7, 2011 7:41pm CST
We all have to make decisions in life but will you make a good or a bad decision? Well I was somewhere and this man made me realize something about life.He told me a little story.The story went like this. There was a man and a mule.There were sometimes when the mule did not work so the man did not work and he didnt worry about it.So the man boss told him that the mule was not going to do anything.So the man told his boss if he gave him a raise then he would get the mule working.The boss didnt believe and kept saying that the mule is just not going to work he is lazy.The man said boss give me a raise and I will get that mule working.The boss said no the mule is not going to work because the mule eats green grass and its winter and all the grass is brown.The man said boss if you give me a raise then I will get that mule to work.So the boss said if you make that mule work I will give you a raise.Do you know what the man did? He put green shades on the mule so that he would see what he wanted the mule to see.So the real question is who has their shades over your eyes and do you know when to take them off and put them on to get what you want and need in life.Think about it dont listen to what someone tells you.Take your time and do what you have to do to find out the truth in life. Learn when to take off and put on your on shades but dont keep it on too long you might be able to see whats in front of you.Study to show thyself approved.
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