the worst service in the bar i've ever had

April 7, 2011 9:42pm CST
Me and my friends plan to go in one of the bar here in Iloilo Philippines, we sat down and wait for somebody to come and get our order, we waited for the waiters, but nobody come to us. we know that they are not busy, they just stand and talk. then after 10 minutes of waiting they take our order. we ordered mai tai a cocktail drinks and a grilled pork, that was the worst cocktail i ever had, the taste is different. and i ask the bartender what did he put on that cocktail, he didn't answer, then i ask him to show me the spirit he put. he just told me they are not allowed to show the spirit. And i was very angry to that guy, I yell at him because that was very unprofessional. I told him I'm also a 4 years bartender in a luxury liner and i know how to serve the drinks and what is the ingredients of the drinks.and my friends just told me to relax no need to complain to the management. they just hiring people who don't know nothing. that was the worst, the name of the bar is "PADIS POINT" of ILOILO PHILIPPINES."I recomend never go there"
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@xien2xien (1383)
• Philippines
8 Apr 11
Me and my friends always go to PADIS somewhere here in MANILA but the service was great as well as the ambiance but different branch has its own different style and management and i'm sorry to hear this from you i remember one bar in MALATE that we went a year ago, i think it was the worst, there are only female waitresses and they serve good and fast with male customers, so they ignore us whenever we ask for something, and the band was definitely unknown and keep singing old songs from the 60's or 70's and still have the guts to think that they were cool and i hate them, but we still keep our cool and even requested a song for a couple of bucks but to our dismay they don't know the song so they ask for alternative but still they don't know the song, and to think it was a kenny roger song so where in the world a band from the 70's wouldn't knew "through the years" duhh and we ended up drunk regretting that night and that bar plus it's the first time we visit a bar and don't dance at all because of the stupid songs they were playing