What type of friendship do you have with your best friend?

United States
April 7, 2011 11:53pm CST
I love my best friend like a brother. We have been friends since the fourth grade. I hate him sometimes and i let him know lol. We have never fought but we argue. It seems like some people use each other and its not an actuall friendship between the people. Also do you know their birth date? lol
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• Canada
15 Apr 11
My best friend is like a brother to me. We've only known each other a couple of years and we're so close. He knows everything about me, and gets on extremely well with my husband too. There are times where we get into debates, with very strong differing opinions, and we also squabble like kids sometimes too (lol) but I wouldn't be without him. He has been there for me through some very rough times, and it's definitely thanks to him that I've made it through. I wouldn't ever be without him.