The things that can fulfill you?

April 8, 2011 8:15am CST
I am having so much fun in this site, I learn new things, meet new people and discover the wonder of affiliate marketing. And so much for that I am very much happy if other people would add comment and share opinions and ideas which i can be used to learn something new also. Now my question is goes like these, what are those things that can fulfill you? whether it's a personal,funny and a nonesense one.! Hope you won't disappointment me, for the fact it's my first time to post in a discussion. Tnx guys.! Have fun answering it would be my pleasure.! :)
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• Canada
8 Apr 11
Hi r3john_10, I am fulfilled personally by the following: - knowing I have done my best at something - knowing I have made an impact on someone - taking care of people I love - caring for my pets - losing myself in a guitar song - coming up with a creative solution - meditating - yoga - swimming