Do you think a smile is a sign to enjoy life?

Hong Kong
April 8, 2011 8:48am CST
I think it is good to have a smile at all times if we can. Since life is not that easy and there are times, we always bearing a burden within our own heart,it is good to have agood smile at all times on our face even when we are not that happy. why? When you look at the mirror, you will like yourself better. When you go out, others will like you better. When you see a dog or a pet, the pet can feel that When you go to Macdonald, the cashier can feel that too.What do you think?
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• Hong Kong
11 Apr 11
I love smiling but I hope it will not increase the wrinkle in my face. When I am similing when people see at me will reply the smiling to me. Although it look like so strangle. When I am single it also can keep me happy. People can eaily to see my emotion in my face. Smiling can change our enivorment when we keep. When we think the life is so hard, we must ensure that we also have smiling face. Change our life from our mind.
@hexebella (1140)
• Philippines
10 Apr 11
Smiling is a sign of happiness, delight and contentment. I have been told that my smile is my trademark and people are happy to see me smiling. With your smile, you make other people happy too. These are the little pleasures in life that we enjoy for free LOL! However.....I also use my smile to denote sarcasm, and it is the most powerful weapon I ever used to make someone more angry and more pissed off.
@gianfaye (52)
• Philippines
9 Apr 11
I believe that smile is a symbol of positivity. Well, the term 'enjoy' is kinda off the line, though it relates. When we enjoy what's happening to our life, we may smile about it. But smiling doesn't always mean that you are enjoying. For me, smiling is a message - a message of positivity. When you smile to a person, you are either telling them that you are happy, even though you could be happy or not really happy. It's a tunnel, a bridge, a communication. When you smile at yourself, you may be telling yourself that you are happy, or if you're not, you're telling yourself that everything is gonna be alright. :)
@picjim (3003)
• India
9 Apr 11
There are moments when you feel life isn't as good as it ought to be.One smiles at certain times even though life is hard on you.I feel this is better than taking life too seriously and complicating your health.Smile is not a sign that one is enjoying life unless it is really felt in our inner self.If you radiate happiness then others around us feel comfortable rather than a morose person.
• Philippines
9 Apr 11
It's nice to smile. I'm a happy person and I like smiling often. I smile whenever I am talking to people like those who provide services in offices, establishments, mall, etc. Smiling is one sign that a person enjoys life. Many clinically depressed people may not be able to smile at all. On the other hand, people who don't have clinical depression but are going through rough times can smile but it's just a mask of what burden they're actually carrying inside. My mom and I went to a restaurant to eat lunch earlier today. It was 10:30 in the morning and the cashier at the restaurant wasn't smiling. My mom and I were so hungry but we were still smiling. When he was serving our food, he wasn't smiling either. There was a meal there with unlimited rice and he gave us another serving of rice, still not smiling...although I can feel his sincerity to serve, only that he's not really that happy or he may have had a bad morning. I wish more people would smile everyday and make the world a little bit better place to live in.
@axlrate7 (1366)
• Philippines
8 Apr 11
Yes I agree, I know what are you talking about. I see that before, when I tried to smile, the best smile that I can do; the people around me smiled back to me. It feels great to see people smiling on you because you did a great smile too to them... And since then, I practice myself to smile often as possible... Great post!!! GOD BLESS YOU!!! :D