Please....I need your Help!

April 8, 2011 9:26am CST
I have a 4 years old son who is suffering from toothache since yesterday, He is not allows yet to have tooth extraction at his young age. I have given him pain reliever. What am I gonna do with my boy? What is the best medicine for him?
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@macayadann (1235)
• Philippines
8 Apr 11
I do not know but my youngest at 4 had her two teeth extracted at the same time, these are molars. She was in extreme pain and lost weight because she could not eat. I could not stand it while she kept crying every night that she could not sleep. The dentist is just trying to save the tooth the reason why as much as possible they do not want to extract it and they are afraid that when another one comes out to replace the milk teeth it will end up misaligned.In my daughter's case it was already in abscessed that even the pain killer just slightly numbed her gum and so when the teeth were extracted she felt the pain, I thought she would stop the dentist for what she was doing but my kid was brave enough to just let continue with the process than to feel the pain again. I did not want also to overdose her with the antibiotics because the pain kept on coming back and the recurrence of the abscess and so I did the final decision to let the dentist to take out those teeth.
• Australia
9 Apr 11
Thanks sis, tooth extraction is the only solution, I will bring him today to the Dentist I hope there is other way not to extract it. God bless you more.