experiencing "Invalid username and/or passwords, please try again" @ BUXLORD

April 10, 2011 8:21am CST
sometimes, i've got some doubts about registering on PTC's~ it has been a month since i registered to Buxlord(PTC site). But today, i was surprised, i can't login anymore.. every time i log in and put in all the details to access my account, i've got an "Invalid username and/or passwords, please try again" message~ on which i am already starting to have doubt that it'll soon be a Scam site~... well during logon i haven't turned on the CAPS LOCK key and or has made any errors to access my account, but then after more than ten tries of logging in, i've decided to make this discussion... well, maybe someday BUXLORD will close and will be stated as a scam site~ well, better be aware on that~
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