I just wanted to earn online

April 10, 2011 9:24am CST
My dad gives me RM20 everyday to go to work until I receive my first salary I will use my own money. But lately, he doesn't give me enough and sometimes did not gave me a penny. I am worried about his work. He said sales is not good lately. What I think of this moment is just sit down at home and work online. Then I can slowly build up my savings and go to work. But mom is disagree saying I shouldn't stay at home at the age of only 30. Instead go out and meet new friends and build up my own career. I just didn't know what to do now. Should I listen to my mom or dad?
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• Philippines
11 May 11
Hi wongchoiyee! I think your mom was right. at your age u should not be staying at home all day and all night long. You should go out ( even ocassionally ) and meet some new friends. just be careful on who to make friends because nowadays things have already changed, we cannot simply trust on someone else out there. Go out and have some fun u might develop a wrinkle on your forehead if ur always sticking inside your house.lol juz kidding
• Indonesia
16 Apr 11
Have you ever try to work offline in a real office/work environment? If not, you should better try at least one. Then you can feel yourself and compare which one is better and match your conditions. Then finally... you can choose for yourself. :)
@mandylee (267)
• China
11 Apr 11
I think what your mom said is right!After graduating from school,we must go out to work instead of staying at home.After work, you may find the world is colorful,you may make lots of friends,sharing the joyful and pain with them,when you are in trouble,they can help you.If you like online much,you spent sometime on it but not indulged
• Indonesia
11 Apr 11
I think you should listen to your mom. You said your age was 30,so I personally think that you should not impose on your parents anymore when it come to money. Your mom is right about what she said. You should go out, get a good day job and start from there. You cannot depend your life on your online earning. If people CAN really earn living online, the chance is, everybody would've done it already. Take it as a hobby, the money is just the bonus. Having a day job is so much better, you get to socialize, meet some new interesting people, enhance your skill and most of the times, the payment is so much better than online earning. Good luck with whatever you decide.
@yspmyl (3438)
• Malaysia
10 Apr 11
I agree with what your mom told you. You should go out an meet friends instead of staying at home online alone. When you meet more friend, you will have more opportunities to get better job and you can definitely earn enough to support yourself and even your family. It is not easy for a person like your father to support your whole family especially when the economy are not really good where everything prices are went up but the income still remain. You should treat the real work as number one and treat the online work as your partime job. Online earning is always uncertain, unless you can really make a big and stable income with it. But that will sometime take years to be stabilize. So, I suggest you stay with your current job and at the same time do your online business when you have free time until you get a stable income from the your online business.
@anya7122 (63)
• India
10 Apr 11
hey buddy .... just don't panic ..... even m a student and m earning .... i give full time to my studies and just couple of hours to net... although i dont earn much ... but atleast i have started...
@Kalyni2011 (3503)
• India
10 Apr 11
I think you should believe your dad, if sell is not good, earning is not good from where he will pay, about on line work you do at homeas long as you like.. Thanks for sharing Happy posting, cheers. Namastey. Kalyani