@Anitismo (229)
April 10, 2011 10:49am CST
In the new millennium depression has been on the rise due to many factors, mainly the problem one has providing for ones family. As people we always want what we can have and some of us don't have the training or the secrets to get what we desire. We becomes helpless and unfocused. We try to do the impossibles and becomes tired due to the fact that there may not be that much time in the day to accomplish exactly whats needed to be done. So we self medicate with caffeine, other over the counter drugs, and prescription drugs that may not turn out as beneficial as we thought and sleep become another factor in our mental instability. We have our demons keeping us up at night and the home shopping network which remain us of our need or wants. Don't think for a second that money is the only route to depression? The answer is No, also people who crave for a social environment( which includes love and acceptance), those who wants some privacy and those of us who out their just wishing for a better world ( if you are one of these people don't watch World News). Depression is everywhere and as soon as you try to block out all the things you probably can't change in life, you probably would decrease some of the stress in your life.
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@kheydia (883)
• Philippines
10 Apr 11
Life is what we make it i would say. What we are right now is because we chose to be like that. If people are living in depression maybe that's their choice or they chose to be like that, no ones to blame but their own self for we are responsible for our choices, WE can chose to live a happy and organize life and be a better person if we chose to. Thats how i look at life...