Leeteukwifey: what will you do with your ex?

April 11, 2011 1:19am CST
how will you handle a situation that your ex is desperate and he wants you back? to the point that you and your friend is disturbed with his behavior? I experience this crazy thing between me and my friend who's ex is the same person. What on the planet he tries to communicate with me and propose that he wants me back then after refusing the offer my friend called me after a week that our ex is trying to hold her back like what he did to me... Unfortunately, my friend got a boyfriend that time so she also refuses the offer but damn ex he's trying to cheat with my friends boyfriend so i helped her and give her advice and tell that desperate man to stop because she loved her man more than him, and he's got nothing to do with it... Crazy right? Now he remains silent over the two heartbreaking rejection and neglecting of his desperate moves and indecent proposal... So this is what we both did as ex - girlfriends of a desperate man... Now if you experience this or even worst than this feel free to share because i want to know what you did and how you handle desperate exes... So i'll have an idea if it happens to me again... :)
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