did you notice guys the abnormal condition of our climate now?

@thereza (316)
April 11, 2011 8:14am CST
It's summer but raining, rainy season but the sun is very high and even the air is so hot. Some part here in the phillipines are experiencing heavy floods for almost a week. what can you say about this mylotters?
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@lady1993 (20416)
• Philippines
13 Apr 11
Yes, I also think that there is climate change happening right now. People have been ruining Earth for many years now, so this is what we get... It's really scary though, because when it's hot it's really hot and unbearable sometimes, but when it's raining, it causes floods. How do we solve this situation?
@katrinapaz (2438)
• Philippines
12 Apr 11
the weather is strange maybe because of the after effects of what we did to mother earth. We have cut a lot of trees that resulted to floods when there is heavy rain. We burned a lot of plastics that ruined our ozone layer and therefore we can strongly feel the heat of the sun. In any case, we must all be careful with our health because it can be readily affected by the always changing weather.
• Philippines
11 Apr 11
The weather has been really strange lately. 2 weeks ago, our region was devastated by flood. Then after a series of rain comes a sunny day but the sun is so hot you can't stand being under it even for just a second.
@tammy27 (1247)
• Philippines
11 Apr 11
Kuya Kim said it will be a wet summer, so im expecting a lot rain and cold wind... but recently here in our city it's been hot. i even take a bath 3 times a day for 2 days straight already and the air conditioner in my room is always turned on. but still the heat is killing me. i wish the wet summer will come already, but i hope rain won't be that heavy to the point that our street will flood. hehe
@natnickeep (2340)
• United States
11 Apr 11
Areas around there may be likely to flood more. But more bad weather and natural disasters seem to be happening all around. Maybe it's Earth trying to send us a message.