Instigators of Africa's Civil Unrest

United States
April 11, 2011 1:24pm CST
Hours ago, France and supposedly "peace keeping" UN raided and captured incumbent president of Ivory Coast, Laurent Gbago, who declined to relinquish power to France's puppet Alassane Ouattara. Like Ouattara's supposed victory weeks ago, the report of Gbagbo's capture came over radio France in France! Folks, Alassane Ouattara did not win the 2010 presidential election of Ivory Coast! Laurent Gabgbo was first declared winner and the Ouattara camp demanded a recount. While recount was underway and Ivoirians in Ivory Coast waiting, France (a major Ouattara supporter) declared Ouattara winner over French media in France and people in Ivory Coast got news of the alleged Ouattara victory from relatives and friends abroad! Need I say this was an astronomical shock? Gbagbo and several informed folks opposed the strategy by France (an enemy of Gbagbo because of Gbagbo's determination to amend unfair deal decades ago between France and Ivory Coast - in which France gets about 90% of profit for managing Ivory Coast's resources). The election dispute went to the Supreme Court of Ivory Coast and Supreme Court ruled in favor of Laurent Gbagbo. And this, people, besides other issues is why Laurent Gbagbo refuses to step down! Besides, Alassane Ouattara is not purebred Ivoirian and by Ivoirian law, only purebred Ivoirian can be president of Ivory Coast. The Supreme Court of Ivory Coast declared Laurent Gbagbo winner of the 2010 presidential election. The law of Ivory Coast has precedence in Cote d'Ivoire! The Supreme Court of Ivory Coast, by Ivoirian law, swears its president into power! Why would the Supreme Court, whose ruling Alassane Ouattara is in defiance of, swear Alassane Ouattara into power? France and its allies have nothing but disdain for Ivoirians and Africans! Sadistic and imperialistic France and allies instigating civil unrest in Africa have to be stopped! Ivory Coast, Libya and Africa would be okay, were it not for our sadistic imperialists! These imperialists who dream of neo-colonialism in Africa and have no regards for Africans have to be kept out of Africa! Contrary to popular belief, Africa does not bask in memories of colonial days!
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@Pimento (28)
11 Apr 11
I think that the rest of the world needs to keep their noses out of Ivory coast's business. If the highest court in Ivory coast has ruled that Gbagbo is the president, then the matter is settled. Ivorian law must be the deciding factor, not the United Nations.
• United States
11 Apr 11
I agree. But as you can see, France, US and UN (which went into nation allegedly for peacekeeping!) are determined to undermine the Law of Ivory Coast just in order to ascertain their puppet is installed! I pray African Nationalists would not give in or give up!