The secret to online perspective

April 12, 2011 10:23pm CST
Let's face it, we want to earn money that is why we are doing online jobs or keep searching for the one that will satisfy us. So at first we tend to expect too much from a new one that we are working on and when it seems that earnings takes a lot of time, we get impatient and think that maybe there's a better opportunity out there. So we go to another site that seems promising, only to find out that it is not that easy to earn money there. And so on and so on. There are a lot who got lucky to be earning enough or more than enough and we think we can be like them but if we look closer, it still takes a lot of techy knowledg and we need to know a lot of online strategies that are not easy at all. I have learned, the hard way, that first and foremost we must enjoy what we are doing in my our online job and that monetary rewards must be secondary. If we are happy in what we're doing, researching, learning more and spending a lot of time and not minding how much we earn..then there is greater chance that we will be successful in that kind of online job.
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@misc11 (384)
• United States
13 Apr 11
I agree because I always go back to the ones I did enjoy, even if I am making less. If we just stayed with each site until at least cashout, that would help. I do get bored and move on and then it becomes harder and harder to get to the cashout because you aren't doing it as much. I have realized it is much easier to choose a few sites and keep up with them instead of trying to find others because that is exhausting and then I ususally don't end up continuing with them.
• United States
2 May 11
I agree my problem is I always get bored with it and then stop doing it. Grant it the more sites you are doing the more money you make, but the bottom line is it takes along time to even get a decent amount. To me that isn't work working months to get a 20 dollar payout, I need that money way beforehand.
@Jlyn10 (10916)
• Malaysia
14 May 11
It is true what you are saying. Many people get discouraged easily when they don't see the money coming in. Probably they thought that making money online is very easy. If it is that easy, then everybody would want to be working online and there won't be any offline work for anyone anymore. For me, I just stick to the few that I am comfortable with. No point in signing up too many sites and then find that you won't be able to handle it all.
@magtibaygom (4864)
• Philippines
15 Apr 11
Yeah, I like that. I like your attitude and perspective about online job. If you are passionate with what you do, the monetary aspect of it will be just secondary (although it is a primary reason why you get a job in the first place). It's just having the right perspective that you have described.
@CatGods (4595)
• United States
13 Apr 11
I think another problem is that people think that they are going to find online work, i.e. an employer. In the off line world you go to an employer and apply for a job. But on the online world you are the employer and you create your online job. Making money online is about what you know and your skills and how you apply them. It takes thinking and creativity if a person is going to have a chance at making the bigger money. It takes a continuous reading and research because what worked 2 years ago might not be the case today. So therefore school is never out and the course is self study, observation, and connecting/cross promoting (I think that call that back linking) But yes, a person needs to be happy with what they are doing no matter if it's off line or online.