how can i make friends with him ?

April 13, 2011 12:09am CST
I recently like to finish my jod in the coffee shop , because of that , i met a lovely boy who was also the frequenter , i show a little interest in him and want to make friend with him , however i don't know how to get a opportunity to push us into chatting , i think i would not prefer to directly talk with him , because he might think that i must be a stranger . I was confused , how can i make a friend with him ?
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• India
13 Apr 11
Well i suppose it's chance to make a move in here. Do something now or you will it that you will regret yourself later for not talking to himself. Since it's a coffee shop there would be definitely a lot of nice things that can be discussed over coffee. Try to get to know him what he likes and since he always comes there make sure that he notices you. Making his coffee better or something like that so he would notice you. Or the direct approach is good to as a fellow mylotter above suggested go ahead and talk to him. He would be surprised if you do so i guess. All the beast! Cheers!
@jennyze (7048)
• Indonesia
13 Apr 11
Say "Hi" first and the continue fro there. Depends on his response, whether he responds friendly and freely, then you can star a conversation with him. There's nothing like a stranger if you already meet him several times in the coffee shop.