If not now, then when?

April 13, 2011 2:11am CST
Well, if not now then maybe tomorrow or next week, the longest is next month, LOL. Well, that's for my short term goals. If I can really do it within the day I do it but long term goals takes a year or so. So, I plan carefully and make sure I fulfill it cause if not now then when?
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• Argentina
14 Apr 11
Definitely! You have inspired me! I have many goals and there is a long and hard journey to them. Anyway, I can do many things to reach them, but I have to work very hard, something that I don't usually do. Sometimes because I have some other things to do, every day I have a new task, and other times, just because I'm too lazy or tired. I think if I work hard, would be much easier for me. And you're so right, if not now, then when? I need to work hard now, not tomorrow, or the next day. Because if not, I guess that the journey to my goals will be harder than I can imagine. Thanks a lot for your post, just with the title you have inspired me! :)
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• Mexico
13 Apr 11
Hi santos mari chris: Definetly my friend. I also try to make plans fro today, next week or next month maximum. If you take longer you usually don't do anything. So if you want to change something in your life you better start from today if you can. Thanks for starting this discussion. Have a nice day. ALVARO
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@roshigo58 (4871)
• Pune, India
22 Aug 12
Hi, we have in life long term as well as short term goals. We can fulfill some goals immediately but for fulfilling some goals we require more time and patience . We have to plan them carefully and we should do them positively and hopefully.
@Rainegurl (2158)
• Philippines
13 Apr 11
Amen! Having fun is not bad as long as we do it responsibly. Right? I have been married 3 years and we have a baby and we are trying to plan out our future well. However, we also do some travelling just to unwind and see...well, the world. And yes, if not now then when. Cheers!