How to motivate oneself?

@Pranka (32)
April 13, 2011 12:30pm CST
Sometimes there are moments in our lives when everything turns out to be disappointing and nothing works in your favor. One feels an extreme sense of hopelessness and loneliness. What do you think that one can do in such difficult times? How will one motivate oneself?
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@sanijas83 (271)
• Latvia
19 Jun 11
It is important if there are understanding people who can support in hard times. Some activities can help, meeting nice people, going out, for example, to the sea, making little travels, listening to beautiful music, playing some instrument, going in for sports you like.
@didi13 (2927)
• Romania
27 May 11
The disappointment I feel when everything is a harrowing and deeply regret. Her disappointment when you leave, and cry and hide from what you fear hoping to disappear. Are disappointed when I feel I do not have a point in life when I no longer offers it. Then I feel despised, and I can not download, when nobody cares and hide between moth and blunt words of time, the same words that cry out for help, when I sink becoming more and feel like any sense of life is wasted. Her disappointment when I want to fight, to have courage to have a purpose for which to fight, and I did not realize that. Her disappointment when I did not listen to anyone, when nothing seems right, you do not have reason to get up, you just fall and not look up. When I feel disappointed, then lose any memory, any joy, regret that replaces them perfect as a hit man to make me feel like a scum of the world, and do not even care if I can hope for, if I "emotionally paralyzed," and if I can feel nothing but helplessness and hatred. A slight depression and fine me roaring. And no, do not lie. Because I feel it. Because I feel shot down, and I do not have to tinker with the raw truth, I'm a lie to hide the loneliness that beat me and makes me even more harmless. I wish the hatred and madness that I feel to express themselves in words to them down on a piece of paper, but not crazy and maybe more. Mind pulls his hair and hit her head against the walls of my head. I no longer know what to say. Not hear the voice from inside, the voice of reason, just suffer. And suffering is a cruel, you slowly suffocate, like waiting to get my only hopes to see me I'm crawling at her feet, begging her to spare me, even to give me some good memories, even some friends, even a insipid one point in my life. I want to be someone to lift me down, telling me that everything will be okay, but there is none. Nobody, nothing, never ... Words are too big to shove into a page too dirty to be read and understood. I do not expect anyone to understand me, do not expect me to understand myself. I do not expect anything. I do not think deserves to go on something that would last forever: I wrote my own pain and fear, struggling with all my feelings die, ending every hope of my reason, ending any hint of joy. Only agony is now only going to be agony. Here finish. I wipe the tears, close your eyes and dream of happiness. Because I can still dream ...
• United States
14 Apr 11
Try to figure out of they are depressed and need some meds. This would help them. Or go shopping for a new outfit put it on and take a walk somewhere. That works very well.
@krajibg (11936)
• Guwahati, India
13 Apr 11
Hi Pranka, Very relevant discussion indeed. It is easier to motivate others but to self motivate is really difficult. Like I am in a crisis and I see no hope and I realize that I am heavily stressed in such case positive thinking or motivation either from without or within is a must. I I can build up strong will power and stay firm there is hope of success. But this is more difficult than easy. Only the positive thinking and positive make up could help me out of the crisis.
@Beaufly (994)
• United States
13 Apr 11
Pranka, this state that you are in seems like a mild case of depression. One way to begin working your way out of this, is to get out of yourself, out of your own head and your own thinking. The best way to begin to alleviate this feeling is to get out and go help someone. It could be anyone, a child, the elderly, some teens, whomever you feel comfortable helping. You could also get involved with an organization, as a volunteer. While you are actively participating and engaged in helping others, you will not be expending energy on being hopeless or lonely. There a few sites on-line that may help. I have not looked at your profile so I am not sure if this is a good site for you or not,but you can take a look at it anyway, it's called On this site, everyone can truly be a hero. Sometimes just the simple act of sending kind words can help brighten someone's day. I have sent cards to sick people and individuals who were returning home from the military. Just remember, you are here for a reason. You have a purpose. My belief is that our mission in life is to find our purpose and live that truth to the fullest. I believe in you my friend and there is a reason that you have been given air to breathe and life in your body. Wake up and know that we all go through ups and downs but we have a choice. We can choose to be happy or unhappy and we do have the power to make our lives what we will. I wish you all the best, my friend. Be the best that you can a light for someone today. You can do it.