Just Who's The Real Terrorist?

April 13, 2011 6:54pm CST
Of late, when there's a mention or news article of a terrorist attack or acts of terrorism, I am sure it is easy to co-relate it to some extremist Muslim counterparts in the Middle East. Where they are known to undermine their womenfolks and goes about brainwashing their believers with their bigotries, extreme traditional customs and not forgetting brutal codes of law, to carry out heinous and horrendous acts. Hence, it is just conclusive to the familiar groups like the Al-Qaeda, Abu Sayaaf, Mujaheddin and so on. However, I couldn't help to reflect after the recent spate of eventful disasters whether terrorism and terrorists are just confined to just literally these group of cells or people only. I do agree that their unconventional guerrilla tactics and devastating attacks are abhorrent, despicable and most of all catastrophically destructive. But, are we any better than them? For starters, I am sure all of us have been greatly affected by the recent wave of tsunamis and to begin with the Economic Tsunami that not only rocked the world, had brought the world down on her knees. So, it was said that the governments have placed capable and highly qualified people into office to ensure the proper regulation and most of all maintenance to prevent a collapse. Then, what happened? All of a sudden people are loosing their jobs, houses and even their very livelihood. I do not really have to paint the picture here, especially when the effects of the collapse was even greater than the collapse of the Twin Tower (no disrespect). Then, the recent earthquakes and tsunamis, culminating with the latest devastation in Japan. Yet, I simply cannot believe what I am hearing where certain quarters can be blaming the disaster on Divinity. Are we forgetting something? What about our destructive behaviors where we have time and again brought about severe damage to the environment with over population, pollution, harsh non eco-friendly habits, wastage of resources, illegal mining, illegal oil drilling, aggressive space programs and most of all nuclear weapon testings? I refuse to believe not one of these experts and authoritative heads are unaware of the harsh repercussions of such ways and testings but yet were oblivion. And, I am disgusted when they have not done a fairly equal amount on making an effort to choose otherwise and step up vital education programs for preservation. No offense, but a human bomb detonated kills horrifically but instantly. However, what we are doing here is slowly squeezing the very life out of everyone around us where death is so excruciating slow. So very painful to watch and most of all be in it. So tell me, who's the real terrorists today?
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