Ncis-Csi-monk-mental and all these seires

United States
April 13, 2011 8:03pm CST
don't u guys see that every one can solve crimes ? i mean every one .and every one has his own way starting from the lab ending up with mental games so if u look at all these together so u see that monk and mental solve the crimes without even going to the lab or getting suspects or any thing of this stuff but on the other hand u got csi -ncis and this sort of things only relaying on the lab result so who rally is doing the work i know that all of that is fiction and stuff but who dose the work in the real life its the cops right or what so what is your favorite show that solves crime and why do u think that its special
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• Philippines
27 Apr 11
First of all, solving crimes is a teamwork effort inside the law enforcement. To clarify things, the scientists, technicians or CSI are the people trained to handle evidence. They have knowledge of extract and figuring out how the victim was killed, what kind of weapon and all that technical stuff. With all the information they have, it can help on tracking and making case against the killer and identifying the real suspect among a list of probable killers, in short suspects. With the infromation and evidence, it is the duty of a cop to arrest, interrogate or apprehend the suspect. Investogators can't do that - it's beyond their authority. No matter how cool it is to watch investigators grill a suspect, it is simply not their jobs. In short, both occupation have significance in solving the crime. By the way, it's NCIS and CSI LV.