how do i find the higher paying tasks here in mylot?

April 14, 2011 10:35am CST
i only see $.01 payout, that is definitely worth nothing for me, how do i find something that costs $1.50 or more?
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• Calgary, Alberta
14 Apr 11
Wait for Sharonbux, all of her tasks pays high, from to dollars to 8 dollars, but she only appears in mylot once in a blue moon but you can earn a lot of money if you will do all of her tasks whenever she is available but she appears very rarely but if she does, make the best out of it,. Many people makes a lot of money here in mylot whenever Sharon is around.
• Argentina
14 Apr 11
thanks! i didnt know that.
• United States
15 Apr 11
I didn't know that either. How interesting!
• Philippines
15 Apr 11
@ CAPTALBERTWHISKER - do u know how much we earn per comment?