Is there such a thing as justified anger?

April 14, 2011 10:39am CST
In Christianity, is one of the seven capital sins. Yet people do get angry for one reason or another and justifies their anger. Is there such a thing as "justified anger"? What does it constitute? Under what circumstances can anger be justified?
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@SangsTurks (1447)
• India
9 May 11
I don't think there is anything as Justified anger, anger is anger and each one has their own way of justifying it. Something that might anger me, might not anger you and you you might find my anger unjustified but for me my anger is justified, It's basically they way at one sees things, ones perspective towards life.
• Malaysia
9 May 11
Therefore, do you mean to say that "anger" is morally neutral?
@urbandekay (18312)
23 Apr 11
What makes you think there are 7 capital sins in Christianity, where is the scriptural justification for such a claim? all the best urban
• Malaysia
9 May 11
You focus is more in sin in Christianity - not about anger in itself. As such, I think this deserves to be treated separately less we deviate from the main question in hand - Is there such a thing as justified anger.