why there are guys that suddenly lose interest with a girl they love? :'(

April 14, 2011 12:55pm CST
Hi to all guys out there who can help me with this...I just wanted to know what's the reason why there are guys that suddenly become cold and left you feel like you aren't enough anymore why is this so? what is your advise for me...thanks
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• United States
14 Apr 11
If a guy/man truly loves you then they will never lose interest in you. When your your young more often then not there is that strong attraction that one person has for another which is often mistaken for love. When it turns out that it wasn't love at all you are left with a situation something like this. When a person loves you they love every part that is you, not just some things about you like lets say your looks etc. etc. It seems to me that you have to take another look at this relationship & ask yourself some real hard questions. More then likely you already have the answers that you need, but most people are too afraid to look within themselves that deeply because of what they'll find there.