Payback for anyone who has sent me links as a message on here

@joystick (1680)
April 14, 2011 8:55pm CST
I have just been looking at all the messages that i have been sent and i will say that there are a few that are links, so tonight i have been looking at old messages and returning all the links that they have sent me, lol, now that i have caught up with all those people and their links i feel so much better, do you think that they will stop now.
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• United States
15 Apr 11
Whooish thankfully I have never sent a PM with a link, lol.. I can understand some friends PM and asking if they would like information first about a site they are on at which time I could say okay or not. I would not like to be sent a link especially if the person and I have never interacted.
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@dawnald (84146)
• Shingle Springs, California
28 Apr 11
@marie2052 (3697)
• United States
17 Apr 11
Thats awesome Joy. I don't send links unless it has to do with the discussion. and then it has to be a link I use and know is not spam or virus. But you are right I see things on mylot a lot for people to go to a certain link and that whats the topic is and I do not do it. I hope you don't have to return anymore! Have a great day.
@manleyjoe (1599)
• United States
15 Apr 11
How you mean you sent their links back? You just back link or do you mean you deleted them? I like getting links from people it gives me some new and great programs sometimes. I will check them and if they are good I let them set and at some time in the future I will go back and if they are still there I will join with my team.