brain question for everyone

April 14, 2011 11:09pm CST
this is a psychologival test conduted how an individual would react to achive a win-win situation for all individual or for the greater good, here's the scenario: you are driving on a stormy night on a long expressway where there are no other vehicle in sight, then you spotted a bus stop with three people standing. you have a two seater car that you drive... on the bus stop you see your bestfriend who once offered his life to save you, an old woman almost dying an needs medical attention, and the perfect partner you are looking for your entire life (a girl or guy who seems to be your perfect soulmate). there wontbe any bus that would stop until the next morning. and you are the only person those three people are counting for. considering the situation, what are you going to do? think deeply and carefully because your answer reflects your way on deciding on things. there's no wrrong answer but the IS a PERFECT answer. I will reveal the PERFECT answer once somebody gets it
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@Onyxe121 (207)
• United States
15 Apr 11
I heard it differenly. It ends with the best friend taking the love of your life and you standing at the bus stop. In this scenario I would venture the same frame of thought with someone sitting in the middle. Only its not you.
@marguicha (109224)
• Chile
15 Apr 11
I have the idea this is going to be deleted, but I´d take the dying person. I don´t really have a choice there. No need to think much. Welcome to mylot and happy posting. Read the rules of the site and the guidelines.