I see good change in my son

April 15, 2011 2:29am CST
Now my son is eight. When he was seven he used to loose his pencil and eraser at school or somewhere else every day. It was so frustrating to me. I couldn't stop this. actually it was a big problem. Giving a new pencil and eraser is money consuming also. But now he never loose things. He has corrected himself on his own. I think when children grow up some of their unwanted habits vanish away automatically. what is your opinion?
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• United States
15 Apr 11
All children are this way while small and eventually they grow up and our hopes of course is that they become responsible adults. So carry on friend in guiding and showing him the right ways.
@Jotomy (6352)
• India
15 Apr 11
Hi johnpillai, how are you? Yes, children are like that, even i too i think when i was in that age. But slowly they will change. But we have to monitor and guide them dear. Have a good day.
• China
15 Apr 11
Yes, it is definitely right. when I was still 10 years old I was always quarrelling with my elder sister who is 2 years older than me. My mother was very angry everytime and she was worried about us. Once we stayed in the same room it wouldnt be quite.It was last for 2 years. Later on my sister went to high school in another city and she was back once a month. She always wrote to me and I would letter her back everytime.Starting from that time our relationship were becoming better and better. I even dont know why at that time but now I deeply understand as one grows up she knows how to think about of others instead of only herself.
@fenirose (46)
15 Apr 11
oh that is true the more they grow the more they learn. that is the same for adults. life is long process of learning and experience. you will continue to see change in his behavior every and a would like to tell you to talk to him a lot.
• Bulgaria
15 Apr 11
he commanded the man, he persisted
• Philippines
15 Apr 11
OMG!! i also had that problem with my daughter she keeps losing her pencils or erasers.. sharpeners... and after school i would look for it and she would just answer she forgot... or it was borrowed by a classmate and did not return it... i hope that if she turns 8 she would also learn to manage her things well and properly...
15 Apr 11
Hi johnpillai, I do fully agree with you, i mean things like pencils and erasers are not really that important, but everything does cost money and to replace things several times is a complete waste as they keep on getting lost. Children when young don't focus that much and do lose things and also forget where they put things, not all children are organised and so things do go missing. Luckily as they grow up they do rememeber to put things away, or remember where they put things and also they learn the value of money more and so know that they should remember to kee things safe, so good to see these changes and them growing up.