What do you think of the new O.J. scenario?

United States
November 19, 2006 11:22am CST
If he'd only owned up to what he did all those years ago, none of this would be going on. It was a crime of passion and he would have gotten maybe three to five years. He would have paid his debt and that would have been it. He could be forgiven. No, we have a jury that nullified the evidence, why? Because of him being an icon for all sports fans and people of color! I believe the same injustice happened for Robert Blake. O.J.'s children must be broken hearted over their father's insane behavior and flaunting his escape from justice. It was their mother he killed with her friend who was only returning a pair of sun glasses that were her mom's. O.J. is a flawed person as we all are, but enough is enough for God's sake.
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