Try to understand people with seizures

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April 15, 2011 12:59pm CST
I am a really patient person but once in a while I just freak out.With this discussion I really hope to help people who now people with seizures. It can be a pain in the a.. when your family members are trying to give you advice for preventing seizures. A lot of you know that I was raised in germany with 15 I had my first seizure. Even if you think you dont have a much brain lol there are many of gray cell what are dieing with one seizure. So after you wake up you might forgot where you are or even your name you are incontinent and the most of time you bite your toungh and it also happends that you brocke your arm finger nose or whatever. But that is not what I wonne talk about. First of all you have to find out why you got a seizure. In my case they found out that I am not sleeping enough and when I sleep I only sleep up to 3 phrases usaly you got 5 of them So the best thing I can do is taking my seizure meds and go to bed when I feel that something is wrong. Sometimes you get a warning before a seizure comes I call it ticks but the real name for that is abcance. So it happends cause I have this sleeping problem,that I sleep in the daytime and I am awake at night. Lets say it happends a lot. Not everybody can handle that,like my father. When I moved over here 2007 cause I found my father,he was pretty upset cause he wonne do thing in the daytime and I needed my sleep. I was upset that he didnt wonne understand why i need to do that. so he tried to change my bad habbit and keept me awake and he said:so now you will stay up till 8 or 9 pm and you will see how good you can sleep tonight. Well I proved him wrong a couple hours later I had a seizure. He told me after that that he almost had a heartattack,but he never ever ask me again to stay awake. Every times he calls now the first thing what he ask is did you have enough sleep ? And daddy loves you the mostest lol. I am aware that it is very hard for people that dont have seizure to understand that or even living with them together. My hubby doesent has it easy cause we cant really plan anything together and when he is going to bed i am not with him cause it makes me insane to watch him over hours sleeping like a baby. So the reason for this discussion my friend is that I try to change your thinking,for yourself and for the person that has the seizures Thank you very much
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16 Apr 11
The brain manage how the body moves by sending out small electrical signals through the nerves to the muscles. Seizures happen when the normal signals from the brain are changed. Seizures are unlike from person to person. Some people have only minor shaking of a hand and do not lose consciousness. Other people may become unconscious and have aggressive shaking of the entire body. Treating seizure disorders is furthermore done with medication. Medication is prescribed based on the kind and frequency of your child’s seizure disorder. Medication is important for many type of seizures so these events are mitigated and managed. Seizures left untreated can be deadly to the person.