What is a beautiful place,that you has visit to hiking?

@dimzok (127)
April 15, 2011 8:19pm CST
Mount Rinjani in My Country in indonesia is the best place to see the creation Of God,which is very beautiful to enjoy the hiking. How about you? what is a beautiful places that you ever visit to hiking?
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@iyowae (1)
24 Aug 12
Mount Semeru is my favorite!it's the higest mount in Java-Indonesia. however I don't get the top yet, but it's realy beautiful to make a camp on Ranu Kumbolo
@theknute (183)
30 Jun 11
I love to hike. I live in the northeast US and there are many great mountains there to hike. There are some small mountains right in the town where I live as well as many wooded trails.