friendship is not what i had thought

April 16, 2011 6:08am CST
i thought friendship is firm and can never be i think i am wrong,if one people become my friend,soon they will think they can understand my mind and can do everything they want just not consider my feeling.that make me feel bad and become suspect to everything. thus i end up the friendship just a word .it's easy and feel nothing left. but when the noble appeared in front of me one day.
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• China
25 Apr 11
Hei,what's wrong with you, my boy? If you are strong enough, no one can read your real mind. But if you go on being so sensitive, everyone beside you may hurt you. Life is full of cheat, disapointment and misery, but nothing can detroy a strong heart. Be relax, boy. what can you only do now is trust yourself, make yourself happy and strong enough. Maybe the most beautiful friendship is waiting for you at certain time of the rest of your life.
@HansonFan (1659)
• United States
16 Apr 11
True friendship is really a hard thing to find. I have had people I just KNEW would be friends with me my entire life...and guess what? I don't even talk to any of them anymore. I have found that friendship that will really last is hard to come by...and even harder to hold on to. I am about to move out of my grandparents house (and I am so ready for that!!!) but my best friend is going with me...we are moving halfway across the country where the only people we know is each other. We have known each other for 5 years now...I think she is one of those true friends but I dont want to jinx it! ;)
@sswallace21 (1824)
• United States
16 Apr 11
Welcome, A true friendship is a give and take situation. However, you will find in life some do more taking than giving. Depending on the type of person you are. People will take advantage of regardless, if you let them. Also, the majority of the people you think are your friends in reality are just stopping by until the next great thing comes along. A true friend is hard to find. Best Wishes!
@busybee10 (3191)
• India
16 Apr 11
Hi sparkzhang,just checked up your profile and came to know that you are 18 years of age. Yes, friendship and friends should be handled very carefully and don"t take every one as a standard.It goes on varying from person to person depending upon their moods and temptations and selfishnes attitudes. Hence better to study them personally and keep a watch which will reveal their true nature and though you come to know something negative do not reveal but try to escape handling the case carefully without hurting. [b]It all depends upon your skill which you will gain through experience as days pass making and breaking friendships.. Enjoy Life as it goes...[/b]